• We Buzzz - Pöristään työpajassa tehdään hyöteisnaamioita. / We Buzzz workshop is for making insect masks. Kuva/ Photo: Kemê

  • Muistoja säästä - Story Data työpajassa kerätään ja jaetaan säämuistoja. / Story Data workshop is for gathering and sharing weather memories. Kuva / Photo: Arlene Tucker

The nonstop workshops are open and free for everybody.

Story Data – Memories of Weather

Saturday May 26 at 12:00-16:00, Korjaamo, Greenhouse

This nonstop workshop intended for all ages brings together climate research, art and participants’ personal experiences. The aim of the workshop is to offer participants information and stories that will serve as a basis for developing their own stance on climate change.

The workshop will have seven information points representing different epochs, which you can go to to help you recall your own experiences of weather – the latest snowman-building conditions or waiting for the water to warm up for swimming. Objects and recordings of other participants’ memories will prompt your own memories. You will be able to record or draw your personal recollections. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask climate researchers questions about the topic, and they will tell you about the research data on climate change from the 1880s right up to forecasts for 2050. The workshop will launch the more extended Science in Helsinki project, which will use the means of art to make climate-research data more accessible.

The workshop will be run by the artist Arlene Tucker and climate researcher Stephany Mazon. Languages: Finnish, English and Spanish.

We Buzzz!

Saturday May 25 at 12:00-16:00, Korjaamo Media room and at Sunday June 3 at Myyrmäen IHME in Vantaa

Do you speak Buggish? This nonstop workshop suitable for all ages will help you switch viewpoint and dive deep into the world of insects. You will use a variety of methods to make insect masks out of card. You can also try out life as an insect, via movements, sounds and role play. The workshop will be led by the artists Kemê and Rosamaría Bolom (Korjaamo) and Kemê and Ana Gutieszca (Myyrmäen IHME, Vantaa). Languages: Finnish, English and Spanish.