Music & Food

  • Band of Weeds: pujo (Artemisia vulgaris), hevonhierakka (Rumex longifolius) sekä pelto-ohdake (Cirsium arvense). Kuva: Kalle Hamm.

  • Kuva/Photo: Sotarn

  • Korjaamon Baari & Keittiö / Korjaamo Bar & Kitchen: Vegan Bowl. Kuva/Photo: Korjaamo

Multifaceted Festival Programme, including music and delights for the taste buds, delivers exciting new dimensions to the IHME Project.

All Festival events are open to the public and free of charge.


IHME club

The Band of Weeds

May 25, 10:30 pm
Korjaamo’s Corner Hall, free entry

On Friday evening, we’ll have a chance to listen to species that we’re not used to hearing. Familiar Finnish weeds form the Band of Weeds, which is defined by marginality. These plants are not only non-human species, but also plants that are growing in the “wrong” place and are defined as weeds.

The Band of Weeds, a sound art project by a pair of artists, Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, makes use of audio material derived electronically from plants. At this event, it will be modified by Hamm along with Lauri Ainala, Hermanni Keko and Olli Aarni. 

After the show there will be a chance to win a set of three albums by Theaster Gates and The Black Monks of Mississippi not available anywhere else.

Sofia Jannok

May 26, 9 pm
Korjaamo’s Corner Hall, free entry

On Saturday evening IHME is pleased to welcome a Sámi singer-songwriter Sofia Jannok with her band.

Twice Grammy-nominated Jannok is an artist whose music combines diverse musical styles – folk, pop, jazz and power yoiks. She sings mostly in Northern Sámi but she also writes her lyrics in English and Swedish.

The singer from Swedish Lapland is also known as an activist who promotes the rights of Sámi people. Jannok has publicly taken a strong stance against the establishment of mines on land used by Sami reindeer herders. The environmental issues of the Arctic regions as well as the status of indigenous peoples can be clearly heard in her music, which is a way for Jannok to promote change.

Jannok has released four albums, the latest one – ORDA – This is my land – being released in 2016.

Sofia Jannok’s webpage

Festival flavours

May 25–27
The Korjaamo Bar & Kitchen will serve IHME festivalgoers throughout the event. Enjoy a drink in Korjaamo’s summer garden or the atmospheric IHME club – and sample the weekend IHME brunch, inspired by the festival’s themes.

Korjaamo’s kitchen is open: Fri 11am-2pm & 4-10pm, Sat 11am-3pm & 4-10pm, Sun 11am-3pm
Korjaamo’s bar is open: Fri-Sat 11am-12pm (2am), Sun 11am-5pm

Art books recycling point

May 25–26
Korjaamo’s Corner Hall

Do you love art books, but find that you have too many of them? Would you like to pass those you’ve already read on to a good home? Looking for books on a specific genre of art? The art books recycling point is a place where you can drop off art books and magazines, and pick up some interesting publications for free. The recycling point will be located at Korjaamo during the festival. After the festival, IHME will deliver any leftover publications to a recycling centre. Let’s get those good books circulating!