IHME in Myyrmäki

Kuva/image: Karolina Konieczna

The main character in Henrik Håkansson’s IHME Project film, THE BEETLE, is the beetle Hylochares cruentatus, which is active in the first half of June. On Sunday, 3 June, IHME is also inviting representatives of the human species to join a summer swarm in the endangered beetle’s habitat in Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

THE BEETLE will be shown at Kino Myyri cinema in Myyrmäki on Friday, 1st June, and at an outdoor screening on Sunday, 3 June, at the Louhela Jam event in Jokiuoma Park. At this open-air event for the whole family you can meet Hylochares cruentatus expert, Professor Jyrki Muona, make your own insect mask in an art workshop and, of course, enjoy Louhela Jam’s music and line up of events. Cycle or take a local train to Myyrmäki and see the natural willow forest, the endangered beetle’s protected living environment!

IHME audience worker will be cycling around the area ready to talk at the following times: Fri–Sat 1–2 June and Mon–Fri 4–8 June 17:00–20:00 and Sat–Sun 9–10 June 15:00-18:00. You can also participate in a a guided tour of the park, where you can see enlarged close-ups on  billboards of the Hylochares cruentatus familiar from Håkansson’s film and hear more about the life of this mysterious species. The starting times and places of the tours will be announced soon. The entire programme of events is free of charge.



Friday 1st June
Kino Myyri, Kinorinne 6, Vantaa
IHME Project
Henrik Håkansson: THE BEETLE (2018)

Sunday 3 June
Louhela Jam -festival, Jokiuoma Park, Vantaa
at IHME tent
IHME Project, Henrik Håkansson: THE BEETLE (2018) screenings 12:00–20:00
We Buzzz nonstop workshop (In Finnish, English and Spanish) 12:00–16:00
Professor Jyrki Muona’s nature tour at 13:00 and 15:00
IHME audience worker’s tours every hour 13:00 –19:00

1–10 June
Myyrmäki, Vantaa
IHME audience workers cycle around the area and give info about IHME Project, the beetle and the nature of the area. Around the park enlarged close ups of the Hylochares cruentatus from the Henrik Håkansson’s Project THE BEETLE.
Touring times for IHME workers Fri–Sat June 1–2 and Mon–Fri June 4–8 17:00–20:00 and Sat–Sun June 9–10 15:00-18:00.
Guided tours from Myyrmäki Station by the IHME sign Sat–Sun June 9–10 at 15:00.
Professor Jyrki Muona’s nature tour Sun June 10 at 15:00.


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