Film Programme

  • Manfred Schwaba: Atlantic35. Kuva: Barbara Mayer.

  • Ken Jacobs: Perfect Film. Copyright : Light Cone.

  • William E. Jones: Discrepancy [12 screen version].

  • Mika Taanila: Man and Science. Still image.

The film programme of IHME Contemporary Art Festival has been composed by Cologne based film critic Olaf Möller. He was invited to do research on Theaster Gates´s multifaceted body of artistic work and select themes for the two film series of the festival. Friday´s program on April 7th is built around Imagining Japan and Saturday´s program takes us to the world of Reading Remains. Möller tells the story behind his choices of themes:

“Composing the program it seemed most sensible and pertinent to look for aspects of Gates’ art that might invite some kind of response in cinematographic terms. I found myself being intrigued by elements of Gates’ first major exhibition, Plate Convergences (2007). Mark the word: Convergences – for this is what this whole program (and maybe Gates’ art as such) is all about: Bringing cultures seemingly apart together, finding ideas and shapes that connect people; and what could be more important at a moment in time when the new president of Gates’ native land is busy doing the opposite (and that most probably in violation of the country’s constitution)?… “

Read more about Möller´s themes and read his introductory texts of the films he has selected for Friday and Saturday.

Read Olaf Möller´s text in full as PDF here.