IHME School

  • Nuorten avoin IHME-paja, Mätäjoen Armada, kutsuu nuoret rakentamaan kaarnalaivoja taiteilija Antti Laitisen johdolla Kannelmäen nuorisotalolla keväällä 2018. / Open Mätäjoen Armada workshops invites young people to build bark boats with artist Antti Laitinen during spring 2018 at the Kannelmäki Youth Centre. Kuva / Photo: Veikko Somerpuro.

  • Mätäjoen Armadaa rakennettiin kaarnalaivoja veistäen nuorten hiihtolomatapahtuma Reaktorissa 2018. / Barked boats where made during the Mätäjoen Armada workshops at the Reaktori event targeted for young people. Kuva / Photo: Veikko Somerpuro.

  • Meidän IHME-tilaisuudessa kuultiin vuoden 2017 IHME-kouluprojektista, jossa Englantilaisen koulun 8. luokkalaiset tekivät oman museon. / Our IHME -event in 2017 presented the IHME School project, The Museum of Freedom, which was made by the 8th grade pupils at the English School. Kuva / Photo: Veikko Somerpuro.

  • Mitään mieltä? -työpajoissa tuunattiin siirrettävä pop up -teltta nuorten omaan käyttöön. Kuva: Veikko Somerpuro / The IHME Workshop comprised a series of workshops in which a mobile pop-up tent was jazzed up for young people to use. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

  • Vuoden 2017 Mitään mieltä? -pajoissa, Kannelmäen nuorisotalolla, tuunattiin telttaa. Teltan seinään syntyy kankaanpainannalla teksti: "Elämä on vaikeaa". Mitään mieltä? -workshops at the Kannelmäki Youth Centre. Kuva/ Photo: Titus Verhe

Welcome to IHME School!

IHME brings you face to face with contemporary art. IHME has published tasks for schools (in Finnish) and run the Our IHME event for teachers. IHME School has also included extended art-education projects and public programmes staged with various partners. We have mainly worked together with children and young people. Our main partners have been Helsinki Youth Department and the visual-art-education course (Master’s degree) at Aalto University’s Department of Art.

All IHME School events and materials are free of charge.

For more information about the partnership and upcoming events for schools, please contact Cultural Producer Päivi Matala paivi.matala[at]ihmefestival.fi. You may also subscribe IHME’s bulletin for teachers by sending us your contact info (name, school, email address).

IHME Publications from 2012–2018 also include details of IHME School events. View previous publications.

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What is IHME School project?

The IHME School project is a partnership scheme was carried out from 2012 to 2018 between IHME and Master’s degree students on the visual-art-education course at Aalto University. It was intended to develop art-education activities in schools based on the contents of the annual IHME Project, to bring out the children’s and young people’s ideas by means of art, and to explore and make visible the interfaces between contemporary art and art education. The School project offered the students running the project the experience of planning and carrying out a pedagogic project based on contemporary art.

In 2018 the IHME School project was held in Hämeenlinna, Hyvinkää, and Helsinki where the STOP IT animation workshops are were organized in local cultural venues. The project was led by students Leena Fredriksson, Noomi Ljungdell, Mikko Myöhänen, Riina Näsi, and Kirsi ”Nanna” Saarhelo. Teacher-in-charge at Aalto University was Lecturer Marja Rastas.

The IHME School project has been carried out in the following educational institutes: The European School of Helsinki, Tölö specialiseringsgymnasium, Forssa Keskuskoulu Primary School, Die Deutsche Schule Helsinki, Helsinki Diakonia College, Rauma Freinet School, Arabia Comprehensive School, North Tapiola School, Porolahti Elementary School, and English School Helsinki.

Cultural Work Experience at IHME

The idea behind Kulttuuri-TET (Cultural Work Experience) is to give young people a chance to spend time getting to know about working life, during which they are involved in developing the operations of a cultural institution or some other organization in the sector. Small groups of young people come in for periods of 1–2 weeks and are given their own project for the duration.

Salla Siira, a ninth-grader from the Veikkola School, was IHME’s work-experience trainee in spring 2018. Her project was to evaluate the usability of the IHME’s website and write about her experience. She also got to know about IHME’s everyday routines, Festival preparations, and the office team’s jobs.

“During the week, I was given very varied tasks, such as taking part in meetings, attending a #Helsingintekijät network meeting, making a questionnaire, meeting artists, and writing social-media texts. There was a lot to do, but not too much,” Siira describes her week at the IHME office.

If you would like to spend your TET period at IHME or you are a tutor for potential TET trainees, get further information about Kulttuuri-TET at IHME from Cultural Producer Päivi Matala (paivi.matala[at]ihmefestival.fi, +358 (0)45 235 0080).

Read Salla Siira’s news article about Kulttuuri-TET at IHME >