IHME Panel

  • Asiakasraatilaisia ja Jeremy Dellerin IHME-teos 2015 / Some members of Client Panel and the IHME Project 2015 by Jeremy Deller. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

“The most rewarding thing has been getting into the inner circle, hearing and discussing plans, and giving feedback in a relaxed atmosphere.”
“It has given me a chance to get to know the work of an international artist.”

The IHME Panel is at the heart of IHME’s work with the public: a discussion forum that meets about 2-3 times a year. The opinions of panel members are important to us – together we are more! We ask the client panel’s views, for example, to help decide on the programme, in communications and client services; we are thrilled by new ideas and honest feedback.

We offer Panel members a chance to influence events in a cheerful and informal spirit. Each year, we also try to arrange a unique encounter on the contemporary art scene, or a peek “behind the scenes” at the Festival. If you want, you can also go behind those scenes to the front line, by working as a volunteer on the staging of event.

Contact us through e-mail paivi.matala(at)ihmefestival.fi, if you are interested in joining the client panel!

The IHME Panel members: Hannu Bagge, Jella Bertell, Bianca Gräsbeck, Rauno Endén, Marketta Eräsaari, Esa-Matti Harkke, Heidi Hietala, Elina Hämäläinen, Pirjo Ingerö, Timo Jokitalo, Tommi Kantola, Pasi Kirkkopelto, Taava Koskinen, Helena Liljeberg, Anu Miettinen, Marja Miettinen, Otto-Ville Mikkelä, Mikko Mäki, Janne Orava, Kaija Pönni-Susiluoto, Tomas De Rita, Leena Reinilä, Tiia Roivanen, Katriina Rosavaara, Oona Tikkaoja, Tiina Tuurna, Kerstin Österlund and Leena Vainio.

Executive Director Paula Toppila and Cultural Producer Päivi Matala from the IHME Festival take also part in client panel.