Ute Meta Bauer joins IHME’s expert team

IHMEen asiantuntijatyöryhmä / IHME expert team: Hanna Johansson (vas. / left), Tuula Arkio, Ute Meta Bauer, Timo Valjakka ja/and Paula Toppila. Kuvasta puuttuu / Not in photo: Leevi Haapala. Kuva/Photo: Veikko Somerpuro.

The internationally recognized contemporary art curator Professor Ute Meta Bauer has joined IHME’s expert team for the next three years. Bauer is currently Founding Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore at Nanyang Technical University (NTU). Her previous posts include being Founding Director of ACT, the Program in Art, Culture, and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge and serving as Dean of Fine Art, Royal College of Art, London.

Ute Meta Bauer says she wanted to join IHME because of its unique concept.

“The focus on one artist through a commission that is presented at a place that suits the project interested me.  I have known the members of the IHME expert team since early 2002, when I worked as director of the Office for Contemporary Art in Norway. IHME’s goal of engaging in the critical debate about the current condition of this planet through unique projects is very exciting,” Bauer says.

Action to slow climate change

The Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore headed by Bauer at NTU has raised the interaction between research in art and those of other disciplines in its diverse programmes and is part of its core mandate. The current research focus of the Centre spanning over next three years is under the unifying theme CLIMATES. HABITATS. ENVIRONMENTS. Bauer says this choice of focus reflects its urgency: action to create more awareness in order to slow climate change is needed right now.

“Climate change is having a major impact on today’s geopolitics – climate migration will soon surpass work migration. The ecosystem of the planet is out of balance to a large degree due to human interference. Therefore, it should be on all of us – including artists and all kinds of researchers – to engage in finding solutions. Finding a solution to climate change does not rest on the government or policy makers alone, but is the responsibility of everyone.”

The expert team’s role

The six-person expert team plays a crucial role in setting the guidelines and choosing the artists for IHME’s work. One particular criterion for this is ground-breaking work, which is understood as meaning work that puts the art-history canon to the test and seeks space for the new.

“We are really happy that Ute Meta Bauer accepted our invitation. She has crucial expertise specifically on projects combining science, research and art, and we expect to learn a lot from our mutual conversations,” says Paula Toppila.

The other members of the expert team are Chair, Museum Director Emerita Tuula Arkio, Director of Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Leevi Haapala, Professor Hanna Johansson, Executive Director of Pro Arte Foundation Finland Paula Toppila, and critic and curator Timo Valjakka.


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