IHMazing Kulttuuri-TET


What is Kulttuuri-TET?

The idea behind Kulttuuri-TET (Cultural Work Experience) is to give young people a chance to spend time getting to know about working life, during which they are involved in developing the operations of a cultural institution or some other organization in the sector. Small groups of young people come in for periods of 1–2 weeks and are given their own project for the duration. Maria Donner and Venny Vestenius from Latokartano Comprehensive School talk about their TET Work Experience at the IHME Festival in October 2018.

What have we learned?

While on TET at the IHME Festival we really learned a lot of new things. It has been really valuable to be here on TET work experience, as we have got new knowledge of what it is like to work in the cultural sector. We talked about art in working life and got to know what producing art for the public on a large scale means for an organization like IHME, and we got a close-up view of how a contemporary art festival like this is constructed. It has also been nice to hear the background stories of the trio of workers in IHME’s little office; what they have learned, and how they ended up in this field. We have learned a lot about communications and about different ways of doing it. Being here has, of course, been fascinating for us, as people who are interested in art.

What have we done?

Working at IHME has been instructive and interesting for us. Our tasks here have been different from those in more traditional work experience, where the jobs you get can often be making coffee and cleaning. We have done information searches and interviews, and watched this year’s IHME Project, Henrik Håkansson’s film THE BEETLE. We have taken part in various occasions, too, such as the wiki event in Vantaa and Helsinki City Museum’s Hack4Fi hackathon. We also went to Myyrmäki to see the habitat of the star of THE BEETLE film, the halavasepikkä (Hylochares cruentatus) that lives exclusively in Vantaa! We have had plenty of time each day to do our sketch diaries, i.e. to document our time here at IHME in drawings. We also updated IHME’s Instagram with various posts.

Why is it worth coming to IHME on TET work experience?

It is worth coming to IHME on TET work experience if you are interested in art – of absolutely any kind! Here you get experience of what it is like to bring art to various publics, and a lot of information about what it is like to work with art together with artists. IHME also gives you an opportunity to get to know the art scene from a viewpoint other than that of a professional artist. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and pleasant, and the IHME workers that we met are quite lovely people!


The authors

I am Venny Vestenius, a fifteen-year-old artist soul from Viikki in Helsinki. I practise many kinds of art; mainly music, visual art and writing, and that is why Kulttuuri-TET is a good place for me. I have studied at music school for 14 years, and have now also begun lessons at Helsinki Art School.


I am Maria Donner, a 15-year-old from Helsinki. I am particularly interested in art, music, photography, writing and other culture-related matters. I am also interested in animals, biology and environmental friendliness. I myself practise visual art at Helsinki Art School and music at Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. In my spare time I like to write poems and take photographs.