Workshop Leaders


Annamari Karjalainen

Photo: Kristiina Tuura

Annamari Karjalainen is a community theatre director and producer. In 2008-2013 she was Regional Artist for the Regional Arts Council of Southwest Finland in the field of performing arts and cultural diversity. She has created performances on stories and memories in communities, with Stories, Memories and Time serving as conceptual tools. Her most important projects in the recent years include Kylämatka (Village Trip), theatres of memories in village communities; and Taide kotouttaa (Art Integrates), a multicultural project which gave birth, alongside storytelling performances, to her Shared Stories (Jaetut tarinat) workshops.



Photo: Anna Uschanov

Markus Luukkonen is a storyteller and performance artist.  He has studied drama and applied theatre at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Snellman College in Helsinki. He currently works as a performing storyteller, trainer and workshop director.


Sasa Salmela011

Photo: Heini Lehväslaiho

Writer, theatre dramaturge and translator Alexandra Salmela (b.1980, Bratislava) is interested in cross-disciplinary forms of theatre that are realized outside the traditional stage venues, especially site-specific theatre. Her debut novel, published in 2010, 27 eli kuolema tekee taiteilijan (27 or Death Makes an Artist), was awarded the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Book Prize and was on the shortlist for the nation’s top book award, Finlandia Prize. Her later works include the collection of stories Kirahviäiti ja muita hölmöjä aikuisia (Giraffe Mummy and Other Silly Adults) and the storybook Mimi a Liza, published as both Finnish and Slovak language versions.


Photo: Jorma Marstio 2012/Suomen kuvapalvelu oy

Photo: Jorma Marstio 2012/Suomen kuvapalvelu Oy

The A New World through Comics workshop is led by visual artist Katja Tukiainen (1969) whose fairytale-like visual imagery holds within strong social themes. Tukiainen has led workshops in social comic art in India. She is interested in the possibilities of placing oneself in someone else’s position through narrative. Tukiainen’s latest exhibition Kaunis Maailma/Beautiful World was on display at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki in 2013. Katja Tukiainen was awarded the Puupäähattu Prize of the Finnish Comics Society in 2003, and in 2007 she was the first comic artist in Finland to receive the State Prize for Design.