Kuva/Photo: Kai WidellKuva/Photo: Kai Widell

IHME will be held again in March, 2015 and bring together all those who wish to enjoy contemporary art, films, people and music and participate in the events themselves or hear interesting discussions. Venue is the Old Student House (Vanha ylioppilastalo) in Helsinki on 27 – 29 March, 2015.

The themes of the programme emerge from the IHME Project 2015 Do touch which is designed by British artist Jeremy Deller. In this work the museum objects make their way into the hands of city residents in public spaces. People will have a chance to inspect selected objects from the collections of Helsinki’s historical museums for a week or more in March 2015. The exact dates will be informed later.

In addition to the IHME Project, IHME and Jeremy Deller will be staging a 24-hour screening of rock documentaries from the 1960’s to the present day with the title 24-Hour-Rockshow. The Rockshow will form part of the programme of the IHME Days to be held in the Old Student House.