Kuva/photo: Veikko Somerpuro

The next IHME Festival will be held in April 2017 and the entire festival programme will be announced at the beginning of February.

IHME Project 2017 is The Black Charismatic by Theaster Gates. Gates is bringing to Helsinki an experimental jazz group, The Black Monks of Mississippi. The four-part IHME Project will consist of a new video installation to be shown in public space, the world premiere of a film documenting The Black Monks of Mississippi, a concert by the group, and the release of their debut album. We will release the dates as well as the venues later. More about the IHME Project 2017 >

The talks programme and film screenings related to the IHME Project will take place at the Gloria Cultural Arena on April 7-8.

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You can click here to watch footage from the festival on YouTube >