Kuva/photo: Veikko SomerpuroKuva/photo: Veikko Somerpuro

The next IHME Festival will be held in March/April 2017.

You can watch Tram Buskers’ Tour videos as well as the IHME Days’ talks 2016 on YouTube >

IHME 2016 – thank you all!

The eighth IHME festival presented the Czech artist Kateřina Šedá. Her artwork delves into cooperation with people, communality and concern for those for whom contemporary art may not be so familiar. In the IHME Project of 2016 Tram Buskers’ Tour, the artist identified with the busker who amid the daily grind seeks the attention of passers-by – just like Šedá, who almost without exception produces works for public spaces.

The IHME Project took place in all Helsinki trams in March. During the four days of its existence the project consisted out of more than 300 hours of live music and it reached altogether 24 000 tram travellers! Special thanks go to Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and Helsinki City Transport (HKL) for making it possible to hear music aboard trams during the project, and with a permit this time.

IHME’s annual themes are derived from the IHME Project’s subject matter. At the heart of Tram Buskers’ Tour were the following: communities and art, connections between art and education, especially phenomenon-centred learning, and the question of what artists do when they create art.

The IHME Days event on 1-3 April was attended by almost 1,400 people. The event at the Old Student House in Helsinki was free of charge. IHME Days’ programme was designed to cater for both experts in the field and newcomers, who made up 46% of the audience.

The discussions were seen as one of the highlights of IHME Days, and Jan Verwoert was regarded as an excellent choice of keynote speaker. A number of those who submitted feedback praised the IHME Marathon artist talks and themes, and people wanted the video and film programme to continue. Marie-Louise Ekman’s art exhibition was new to the programme.

You can click here to watch footage from the festival on YouTube >

IHME thanks everyone who took the time to give feedback. IHME has sent The Ticketmaster Finland prize draw and the canvas bags to the winners by mail. Congratulations!


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The tabloid is bilingual: Finnish/English. Please see page 5 for stories in English.

IHME lehti 2016 kansikuva

IHME Days Programme April 1–3, 2016

The Old Student House, Mannerheimintie 3, Helsinki
IHME Days was hosted by cultural critic, journalist Aleksis Salusjärvi.

Old Student House was open: Fri 10.30-21.00, Sat 10.30-00.30, Sun 14.00-20.00
Free entrance to everything

Marie-Louise Ekman’s exhibition:
Friday at 13.00-21.00, Saturday at 10.30-22.00, Sunday 14.00-20.00

Marie-Louise Ekman: Graphic prints (Tensta konsthall)
Gallery, 2nd floor

TV Series
Marie-Louise Ekman: Målarskolan
10 episodes in Swedish
Faculty Hall, 2nd floor

Serious Introspection: Live talk show during the IHME days
John W. Fail ja Justin Tyler from Serious Introspection hosted daily live talk shows at the Old Student House. Artists, curators, organisers and participants appeared on an impromptu talk show set. The show took place twice each day.

Friday, April 1

Old Student House was open 10.30-21.00
Art and Communities

Community Art – Taike Day
Great Hall

NB! This event is entirely in Finnish.
Discussions were moderated by special adviser Henri Terho, Taike Southwest Finland

11.00 Opening words: Executive director Paula Toppila, Pro Arte Foundation Finland; Chair of the Kone Foundation Board and Executive director of the Saari Residence Hanna Nurminen; Regional artist for community arts Suvi Solkio (Taike Southwest Finland)

Q & A, Taike Director Minna Sirnö and Head of Arts Support Esa Rantanen

11.30 Examples of community art – where to try for funding?
Aino Toivettula, Artists’ association Arkipelag Workshop and Leif Jakobsson, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
Hannele Kolsio, Raumars Artist In Residence Programme and Taike
Artist duo Nutty Tarts and Anna Talasniemi, Kone Foundation
Visual artist Timo Tähkänen and Veli-Markus Tapio, Finnish Cultural Foundation

12.30 – 12.45 Morning roundup

Break 1 h

13.45 – 15.15 Talk on community art then and now
Susana Nevado, Turku Arts Academy); Minna Tarkka, m-cult, CAPP Collaborative Art Partnership Programme; Pia Bartsch, Saari Residence maintained by Kone Foundation for artists and researchers and Sari Karttunen, Cupore, Artsequal; Pia Hovi-Assad, University of Turku / Landscape Studies, Elävä Pori; Mona Särkelä-Kukko, Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses and artist/designer Päivi Raivio, Sense of Place –project, Union for Rural Culture and Education
Closing words

For teachers and art educations
Music Hall, 2nd floor

Lecturer Marja Rastas
Aalto University Art Education students
Artistic Director-at-large Jaroslav Anděl, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Praha ENG
Producer Päivi Venäläinen, Art Centre for Children and Young People
Artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri
Media producer, artist Hassan Maikal
Cultural producer Tiina Susiluoto, Culture Courses, City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Opening of the IHME Days, Chair of the board Tuula Arkio, Pro Arte Foundation Finland
Great Hall

Manifesto, Art historian Pontus Kyander ENG
Great Hall

Art and Communities ENG
Great Hall

Artist Kateřina Šedá
Artist Kaisa Salmi
Executive Director Emmanuel Pratt, Sweet Water Foundation, Chicago
Director Adam Sutherland, Grizedale Arts UK
Art historian Kaija Kaitavuori, moderator

Break 45 min

Video art
Great Hall

Aleksis Salusjärvi presented the works.
Francis Alÿs: The Silence of Ani (15 min)
Pelin Tan & Anton Vidokle: 2084: A Science Fiction Show / Episode 2: The Fall of Artists’ Republic (18 min)

Saturday, April 2

Old Student House was open 10.30-24.00
The IHME Project 2016

Manifesto Workshop
Banqueting Restaurant
Run by artists Robin Ellis and Päivi Raivio ENG

Workshop: Busking School
Great Hall
Designed by Kateřina Šedá ENG/FIN

Café Vanha
Hosted by Aleksis Salusjärvi FIN

Manifesto, PhD Maria Hirvi-Ijäs
Great Hall
In Swedish

Conversation on the IHME Project 2016 ENG
Great Hall
Tram Buskers’ Tour
Kateřina Šedá and Hamza Walker, Associate Curator at the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago

Break 15 min

What did I think of the IHME Project? FIN
Great Hall

Members of the audience: Tiia Roivanen, Esa-Matti Harkke, tram driver Saara Raukko, art critic Otso Kantokorpi, writer, associate professor of cultural history and sociology Jari Ehrnrooth, Director of Helsinki City Museum Tiina Merisalo. (Deputy Mayor Pekka Sauri’s talk cancelled).

From 22.00
Great Hall
The music programme for IHME Days was designed by the music critic and music curator Pavel Klusák.

Sunday, April 3

Old Student House is open 14.00-20.00
What do artists do?

Café Vanha
Jan Verwoert gave a talk on artistic agency

Debate FIN
Café Vanha
Hosted by art critic Leena Kuumola

Manifesto, artist, writer Hannu Väisänen FIN
Great Hall

IHME Marathon, 10 talks by Finnish artists FIN
Great Hall

Miina Hujala, Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Sanna Kannisto, Seppo Salminen, Nestori Syrjälä, Riitta Ikonen, Teija & Pekka Isorättyä, Heli Hiltunen, Jaakko Veijola
(HC Berg’s talk cancelled.)