IHME School

  • Mitä kuuluu+ -radiotyöpaja / Here and There+ radio workshop ja/and Hassan Maikal. Kuva/photo: Titus Verhe/IHME

  • Mitä kuuluu+ -radiotyöpaja / Here and There+ radio workshop ja/and Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Hassan Maikal. Kuva/photo: Titus Verhe/IHME

  • Mitä kuuluu+ -radiotyöpaja / Here and There+ radio workshop. Kuva/photo: Titus Verhe/IHME

  • Mitä kuuluu+ -radiotyöpaja / Here and There+ radio workshop ja/and Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Hassan Maikal. Kuva/photo: Titus Verhe/IHME

  • Mitä kuuluu+ -radiotyöpaja / Here and There+ radio workshop ja/and Hassan Maikal, Jonna Kalliomäki, Eero Yli-Vakkuri. Kuva/photo: Titus Verhe/IHME

  • Sagolik-duo ja Brahenpuiston koulun oppilaita / Stina Koistinen and Juho Kanervo performing on the Tram Buskers' Tour piloted in January 2016. Kuva/photo: Veikko Somerpuro

  • Kaikuluotain duo Ratikkasoittajien kiertueen testipäivänä. Kuva: Veikko Somerpuro

Welcome to IHME School!

The annual IHME Festival brings you face to face with contemporary art in urban public space. IHME publishes tasks for schools (in Finnish) and runs the Our IHME event for teachers in the spring. IHME School also includes extended art-education projects staged with its various partners in collaboration. All IHME School events and materials are free of charge.

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In 2012, the children of Tähtitorni Day Care Centre told a story about the IHME logo. Read the story here >

Book a tram tour

Kateřina Šedá’s IHME Project Tram Buskers’ Tour will roll on to the Helsinki tram system on March 16 as the international performers take to their moving stage to play the first notes of a performance that will end 4 days later on the 19th. Read more about the IHME Project >

IHME is inviting 5th and 7th grade pupils in Helsinki onto the tram for a tour. A special tram has been reserved for schools on Wednesday 16.3 between 9.30am and 2.30pm (except 1pm-1.30 pm). The tour will be free and lasts 30 minutes.

Please make your reservation by 19.2! Times will be allocated in the order that people register. Contact person: Cultural Producer Katja Koskela, katja.koskela@ihmefestival.fi or tel. 045 235 0080 Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

IHME Project supports phenomenon-centred learning. The themes of the Tram buskers’ tour are interaction and multiculturalism. The tram trip can be used as part of a lesson on e.g. art, music, geography or ethics.

N.B. Info and exhibition space Laituri’s Tram exhibition in Kamppi gives you a chance to peek into the future of public transport. It will run until 24.3. School groups can also book a free guided tour (Finnish/Swedish/English), tel. 09 310 37390 or laituri@hel.fi More information >


Friday 1.4, 1pm-3.30pm, Music Hall, Old Student House (Mannerheimintie 3, Helsinki)

Our IHME is a conversational and functional info session for teachers and art pedagogues. We will share our experiences of Tram Buskers’ Tour and learn together about making use of contemporary art in teaching.

Contemporary Arts Centre DOX’s Artistic Director-at-large Jaroslav Anděl (Prague / New York) will speak in English with a title “Can Education Save Us?”. There will also be a quick look at youth projects that have been directed by artist Eero Yli -Vakkuri and Aalto University Art Education students. Other participants will include members of the IHME staff, Aalto University lecturer Marja Rastas, and producer and art pedagogue Päivi Venäläinen from the Art Centre for Children and Young People, who created the IHME Tasks.

The session will be in Finnish, apart from the speech by Jaroslav Anděl, which will be in English. See the programme >

Read more about the speakers >

Please register by 21.3 at the latest to cultural producer Katja Koskela: katja.koskela@ihmefestival.fi

Everyone is most welcome!

Radio workshop for young people

The collaboration project 2016 between IHME and the City of Helsinki Youth Department is Mitä kuuluu+ (Hear and There+) radio workshop, which brings together various ways that young people who have moved to Eastern Helsinki, and their parents, experience city soundscapes. The workshop will record memories of the sounds of the families’ original towns and cities, along with the current soundscape of Eastern Helsinki. These experiences will be collected in interviews conducted among people’s families and in local youth centres. From the interviews brief audio dramas will be created and listened to at communal events. These ‘hearings’ will prepare the public for what the city will sound like in the future. The focus will be on families who come from surroundings imbued with Islamic culture. Work began at the end of the year 2015 and continues in 2016.

The concept for Mitä kuuluu+ (Hear and There+) was devised by multidisciplinary visual artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri (b. 1981), who also runs the workshop. Yli-Vakkuri is known for performances staged on the site’s own terms, conceptual-art projects, and video works that critique technology and media.

The goal of the collaboration between IHME and the City of Helsinki Youth Department is to get young people to take part, to create a sense of community using the means of contemporary art, and to bring out young people’s ideas and viewpoints. The project staged annually in youth centres particularly seeks to activate those young people who are not very familiar with contemporary art in advance. At its centre are the young people themselves; the work is done listening to them, in open dialogue. The threshold to participation is kept low: there is no need to sign up in advance, and people can take part in more than one project event, or just drop in.

The project leaders are artists, so that participants also get to know an art discipline from a professional standpoint. The themes of each year’s IHME Project inform the content of the Youth Centre projects. Since 2012, the following artists have worked on IHME and City of Helsinki Youth Department projects: Meiju Niskala, Otto Karvonen, Sasha Huber, Kari Cavén and Eero Yli-Vakkuri.

IHME School project

IHME School Project 2016 explores the many modes of human encounter and interaction by venturing into young people’s own everyday lives. The art workshops will take the form of mutual extreme brainstorming by school pupils, teachers and visual-art-education students – How can we use visual art to explore themes relevant to young people? This communal work will then be used as a springboard for the participatory production of impressions that will be shared with the public on next spring’s IHME Days.

IHME’s partner in School Project 2016 is Porolahti Elementary School in Roihuvuori, Helsinki. The Project will be planned and run by Master’s students on the visual-art-education course at Aalto University: Pauliina Jokela, Inga Mustakallio, Noora Sandgren, Irina Schuvaloff, Laura Wiio-von Konow and Elina Ylhäisi. Teacher-in-charge at Aalto University is Lecturer Marja Rastas.

The IHME School project is a partnership scheme begun in 2012 between IHME and Master’s degree students on the visual-art-education course at Aalto University. It is intended is to develop art-education activities in schools based on the contents of the annual IHME Project, to bring out the children’s and young people’s ideas by means of art, and to explore and make visible the interfaces between contemporary art and art education. The School project offers the students running the project the experience of planning and carrying out a pedagogic project based on contemporary art.

The IHME School project has been carried out in the following educational institutes: The European School of Helsinki, Tölö specialiseringsgymnasium, Forssa Keskuskoulu Primary School, Die Deutsche Schule Helsinki, Helsinki Diakonia College, Rauma Freinet School, Arabia Comprehensive School and North Tapiola School. The 2016 project is currently being planned, and further details will be released during the autumn.

Culture Courses

The Culture courses, produced by The City of Helsinki Cultural Office, are directed to the pupils of upper level comprehensive schools, secondary schools and vocational schools in Helsinki. Courses are tailored in collaboration with teachers and art and cultural institutions. In 2016 Kateřina Šedá’s IHME Project Tram Buskers’ Tour will be an integral part of the course called Näyttämöitä (The Scenes) by Annantalo.