IHME School

  • Esineiden tarinat -työpajat / Object Tell Tales workshops, HUMAK. Kuva / photo: Shutterstock

  • Kari Cavén: Valehtelijoiden Klubi, Pihlajamäen nuorisotalo / Liars’ Club, Pihlajamäki Youth Centre. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

  • Kari Cavén: Valehtelijoiden Klubi, Pihlajamäen nuorisotalo / Liars’ Club, Pihlajamäki Youth Centre. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

  • Kari Cavén: Valehtelijoiden Klubi, Pihlajamäen nuorisotalo / Liars’ Club, Pihlajamäki Youth Centre. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Welcome to IHME School! IHME School consists of educational art projects and workshops. The Festival collaborates with the Youth Department of Helsinki, schools, universities and other similar partners, and produces programs for different target groups to open up the content of contemporary art. Art education project themes are based on the annual IHME Project content. If you are interested in co-operation with IHME please contact katja.koskela(at)ihmefestival.fi

IHME School 2015 has four projects with following partners: The City of Helsinki Youth Department, Aalto University, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences and The Degree Programme in Social Services at Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

In 2012, the children of Tähtitorni Day Care Centre told a story about the IHME logo. Read the story here >

Liars’ Club

In January-February, the visual artist Kari Cavén led a joint project by IHME and the City of Helsinki Youth Department. Cavén’s Liars’ Club was an open event to be held in 5 Youth Centres, in which young people identify amazing objects. After the event, the objects identified will go on a tour of museums, where the audience will be able to view the objects and explore the young people’s stories. The tour will take in at the National Museum of Finland, Design Museum and the Museum of Technology 13.-29.3.2015. Kari Cavén is inspired by the project and says: “The unknown was invented so you can leap into it.”

Liars’ Club in Youth Centers, Helsinki
Tapulikaupunki, Ajurinaukio 5: 12.1. at 17-21, 14.1. at 17-21
Pihlajamäki, Moreenitie 2: 19.1. at 17.30-21, 21.1. at 17.30-21
Fallkullan kotieläintila, Malminkaari 24: 28.1. at 15-19, 29.1. at 15-19
Malmi, Malmin raitti 3: 2.2. at 17.30-21, 4.2. at 17.30-21
Pukinmäki, Säterintie 2: 11.2. at 17-20, 12.2. at 17-20

Opening of Liars’ Club exhibition
National Museum of Finland 12.3. klo 18-20
Free admission, welcome!
Read more in Finnish >

Artist/cultural-producer/youth-leader workgroup model
Liars’ Club is a part of a collaborative venture between HUMAK University of Applied Sciences and the City of Helsinki’s Youth Department. The goal of this project is to create a model for collaborative work by an artist, producer and youth leader on art-based ventures. The project is being funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The project workgroup has studied people’s experiences on realized art projects, and is actively monitoring the 2015 IHME Festival’s Liars’ Club workshops. Work began in winter 2014–2015 and will continue until the end of 2015.

IHME School Project

A joint School Project by IHME and students on the Master´s degree programme in Art Education at Aalto University has also begun at North Tapiola School, Espoo. The starting point will be Jeremy Deller’s IHME Project 2015: Do Touch. The project is being run by Master´s students in Art Education Sini Anttila-Rodriguez, Tomas De Rita, Lasse Peltola, Stina Riikonen and Eero Yrjölä. Teacher-in-charge: Marja Rastas. Art teacher Pasi Kirkkopelto: “I am expecting the project to boost pupils’ interest in their own object environment and to expand their ideas about its meanings. I hope the project will also put the stress on making art and participating in its social side, and on its influence in everyday life.”

Objects Tell Tales workshop

The objects in Jeremy Deller’s IHME Project Do Touch will be used to inspire staff at workplaces to invent stories. In the Object Tell Tales workshops, guided by artist Sanna Sarva, participants will make up digital tales about everyday objects. A story might, for instance, be about the future of the firm or about the work community. Participation in the workshop does not require a background in photography or previous art practice. At its best, the workshop will serve as a tool for team building, as a way of breaking out of routines, and as a source of inspiration. In March, workshop participants will be invited to take part in Deller’s IHME Project, in which museum objects will brought into everyday settings to tell their own stories. The workshops are part of HUMAK University of Applied SciencesVetovoimaa kulttuurikeskuksiin (more power to culture centres) project and of its collaboration with IHME Contemporary Art Festival.

Laurea and MAPSI

The collaboration between the Degree Programme in Social Services at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and IHME takes the form of students’ learning assignments and thesis works. Laurea is part of the international Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact (MAPSI) scheme, which is developing a comprehensive curriculum on the management of artistic projects with a societal impact. Laurea is responsible for developing MAPSI’s internship component. MAPSI’s other Finnish partner is the degree programme in Arts Management at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy. IHME’s MAPSI team is made up of students from Laurea and the Sibelius Academy. The students’ practical assignment is to develop the existing IHME feedback system. They are analysing and modelling the scope and inclusiveness of the feedback received and how systematically it is used, and devising participatory community activities that form part of the collection of the feedback.